Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sellermania ?
Sellermania allows any Pro-Merchant seller on to follow his competitive positioning and to adjust his prices automatically, 24 hours a day.
Must I install software on my PC?
Sellermania is 100% web based, you do not need to install anything on your PC.
On which products can I activate Sellermania?
On which products can I activate Sellermania? Sellermania works with all Amazon product lines, including: books, music, DVD, video games, toys, consumer electronics, computers, home and garden, clothes, sports and leisure…
Who can subscribe to Sellermania?
Sellermania is beneficial to all sellers subscribing to the Pro-Merchant program on If you have not already done so, it will be necessary for you to open a Pro-Merchant account with Amazon. A Pro-merchant subscription is generally most suitable if you are selling 30 or more units per month and costs £28.75 a month.
Is there a size limit on the product catalogues that can be uploaded to Sellermania?
There is no size limit. Sellermania can upload product catalogues from ten to several hundreds of thousands of references. If you have more than 100 000 references, please contact us in advance so we can understand your specific needs and can find the best way to integrate your catalogue.
If I use Sellermania, will all my prices decrease?
Sellermania identifies the zones of your catalogue where you can raise your prices. This compensates for other parts of your catalogue where Sellermania will advise you to lower the prices. If you wish to, you can adopt a strategy to only ensure price increases, and help you maximize your margin.

Alternatively, you can choose an aggressive strategy privileging sales turnover, or a mixed strategy, which makes it possible to find the optimum price to 1) increase sales turnover and 2) increase your margin.

You are setting the bottom prices, making sure your price will never be lower than this price. Some sellers set a high bottom price, benefiting only from price increases and consequently increase their margin. Others may decide to lower their prices by a few pence and thus increase their sales turnover significantly, without lowering their margin.

If everyone uses Sellermania, isn't there a risk for the market prices?
Experience shows in all marketplaces that products in high demand find a market price, at which sellers earn money. The price then fluctuates around this market price within a few pence. This price is reached in any case, with or without pricing tool – but, in general, sellers using an efficient tool get the best out of it.
I only sell new products, how do I compare to competitors who sell used products?
Sellermania enables you to price your products according to their condition (new, like new, very good, etc.) and lets you compare with sellers who offer products in the same condition as yours. Your new products will be sold at a premium, within a limit that you consider acceptable for your customers and yourself.
How many members of my team can use my Sellermania account simultaneously?
As many members as you want.
What training and support do you provide?
Sellermania is very easy to use and does not require any knowledge in data processing. You can start using it within a few minutes. Customer service is a priority for Sellermania. We are here to help you when necessary, to format your files, to answer your questions, to study ad hoc solutions. Sellermania provides free customer support by e-mail as well as telephone to answer any queries.
How much does it cost?
You get a 15 days free trial to test Sellermania. After this, the service works on a subscription base, with a one-time startup fee of £49 excl. VAT and a sales commission based on the volume of closed sales and the selected duration of your subscription.
Can Sellermania create product pages on Amazon?
Yes. We have a wonderful tool that enables you to create any product page on Amazon, and conform to the Amazon catalogue requirements. Please contact us for details.