About Sellermania
Sellermania allows companies and individuals selling on peer-to-peer platforms to improve their sales turnover, improve their margin and to automate their operations. Selling on Amazon is a great opportunity to generate sales without having to support high marketing or data-processing costs. We offer tools perfectly tailored to companies and individuals who wish to grow their business on the Amazon website in the UK and other platforms in the rest of Europe such as : Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, eBay.fr, PriceMinister.com, Fnac.com, Hitmeister.de, 2xMoinscher.com and Alapage.com.Sellermania started by selling on the Amazon.fr marketplace platform and needed management tools to reduce time consuming manual processes, and to increase its effectiveness. These needs ranged from dynamic selling price adjustments to reacting to competition, from order and inventory management to logistics, etc.

We became aware that we were not the only ones looking for solutions to these issues, and that our software would be perfect for a great many online merchants. Our solutions are currently used on more than 6 million products daily and are used effectively by large and small companies alike.

Sellermania is a privately held limited company, created in July 2005, and has received the support of various Innovation and Entrepreneurship associations.