Our sales have increased 60%

This is not an advertisement nor a scam. We have been customers with Sellermania for more than a year. The result is so great that we owe it our success on Amazon: we have increased our sales by about 60% on all websites where we work with Sellermania. All of this with 2 or 3 clicks per day.

We list 4600 DVDs, we could not adjust our prices manually. With Sellermania we can set a bottom price and a top price and the tool does the rest. Sellermania’s interface is very inuitive and easy, much more than other desktop tools we have seen.

We use their order management too: it makes it very easy to send confirmation emails to customers print labels, packing slips etc. Our professional service is appreciated by our buyers as we can see in our customer feedback.

Finally, their support is fast, helpful and professional: if you call them, a soft voice answers the phone (sometimes we call only to hear her, but dont tell them :-). Special thanks to Mellie and Sandy.

We cannot do without Sellermania.