Automatically import your Amazon inventory

Your first steps in Sellermania couldn’t be simpler: after creating your account, importing your entire Amazon inventory only needs one click, eliminating the need to re-key data. If you don’t have inventory on Amazon, you can do a file import or list your items one by one.

Start selling quickly and easily on Amazon Marketplace or Seller Central


  • Take an item that you’d like to sell online, fill in 3 fields and the page is on the site
  • All the product information is pre-loaded, no need to re-key
  • Straight away, see the product image, number and names of competitors, their sales price, the item condition etc. If the item is a book, see the publisher’s price, if it is a DVD see the region etc.
  • Check details against existing Amazon listings
  • Relist out of stock items in one click
  • Define a pricing strategy – be as aggressive or as cautious as you see fit.
  • Update your entire inventory with one click, as often as you like.

Manage your stock efficiently

In your Sellermania inventory, see at a glance: the sales rank of each of your items, the name of your competitors, the changes in your prices over time, your average price… A true dashboard overview of the status of your online business.
Sort and filter by items that have already reached their minimum price, or increased to your wished for price.
View all changes before uploading to Amazon.
Export your inventory to Excel with all the relevant data, such as title, author, competitor names, product category, item condition, your notes, price, your minimum and wished-for prices, publisher’s price etc…

Sellermania helps me list new releases faster.