Time to calculate your prices

As soon as your listings can be seen in your Sellermania inventory, and a pricing strategy has been validated, click on « calculate optimum prices » situated on the inventory page. Your optimum prices will then gradually appear in your inventory. Once all the prices have been calculated you will receive an e-mail, at the address specified when you opened your account, informing you of this.

The time it takes to calculate your prices varies according to the number of references listed, and the availability of the servers. It generally takes from 10 seconds to 5 minutes depending on the size of your inventory.

You can consult your inventory at any time to re-calculate your optimum prices. A counter will indicate the number of prices that will be modified when you next update your products on Amazon.

How to modify a « bottom limit price » and « wished price » manually?

Next to the product in question, click on the link « modify » and enter a « bottom price » or a « wished price ». Then click on « confirm ».

How to block a price manually?

In some cases you will want to block the selling price without applying your pricing strategy.
In this case you can block a price by clicking on the link « modify » in your inventory, and then ticking the box « block price ». The « top price » becomes then the selling price, and will remain as such until you remove the tick from the « block price » box.

Upload your items to Amazon

In the « inventory » tab click on the green Amazon button to send your inventory to Amazon.

Transfer time:
Once you have clicked on « confirmed » your listings will be updated within 1 to 15 minutes on Amazon (the time depends on the size of your file and the availability of the Amazon servers).