Sellermania adjusts your prices depending on the prices of your competitors within the limits that you define yourself: your bottom limit price and your wished price (upper limit).

To start using Sellermania, follow these simple steps:

Complete your subscription:
To subscribe, go to  » Your account  » and fill in the requested information. To be able to use Sellermania, you will need to enter your seller identification (username and password). This will allow Sellermania to adjust your prices in your name.

Define your pricing strategy:
Click on the  » Strategy  » tab, and enter your pricing strategy for each product line. Click here to see how to define your price strategy

Upload your listings:
You have two options to fill-up your Sellermania inventory
• Upload a file containing your listings to Sellermania. Click here to get details on how to format your file.
• Import your offers automatically from Amazon by defining in one click your bottom prices and your wished prices for all items.

Once your inventory is uploaded, Sellermania will define the optimum prices for all your offers. This will take from a few seconds to a few minutes according to the size of your file.

Upload to Amazon directly from Sellermania
In the tab “Inventory” you see the details of your optimum prices. On this page you can modify your prices, delete items and search for your listings via ASIN, EAN, SKU, author or title. By clicking on the « Amazon » button your prices will be automatically sent to Amazon.