The Sellermania file is similar to the Amazon file which makes it very easy to adapt your existing data. You should only have a few changes to make:

  • Keep the headings of the Sellermania file template.
  • Add a new column entitled « bottom-limit-price ». This is the minimum price below which you do not want to sell your item.

The file should be prepared in csv or text format in Excel or in any other compatible programme. The order of the columns can be changed.

ISBN, ASIN, EAN or UPC of the item. This number has to be entered without any blank spaces. If you work with Excel you should format this column as « text » in order not to lose the zeros from the front of the number.
reference number that indicates whether your product is an ISBN, ASIN, EAN or a UPC:
1 = ASIN (10 character Amazon code)
2 = ISBN (10 characters)
3 = UPC (12 numbers or less)
4 = EAN (13 number bar code)
title: product name
Stock Keeping Unit, the unique reference number given to each item in stock; e.g. the same two products in different conditions (« like new » and « good ») will each have their own SKU.
reference number indicating the condition of your product:
11 = New
1 = Used – like new
2 = Used – very good
3 = Used – good
4 = Used – acceptable
5 = Collectable – like new
6 = Collectable – very good
7 = Collectable – good
8 = Collectable – acceptable
wished price:
your maximum price in GBP, incl. VAT ; the price you would sell the item for if there was no competition on that item
item-note: a short description of your offer (not of the product itself) or the quality of your service. Maximum width: 200 characters.
number of items in stock. Maximum quantity: 999
add-delete: always indicate an « a » in this column
choose the corresponding code for the countries you dispatch your products to:
3 – UK only
4 – UK and EU only
5 – UK, EU and US
6 – UK, EU, US and Rest Of World
bottom limit price:
minimum price in GBP, incl. VAT; you will never well your item below this price, regardless of other competitors prices.

Your file must contain all of the above columns, even if the details are not filled in.

Click here in order to download an upload file template.

Optional columns for Amazon Seller Central sellers

If your Amazon account is a Seller Central account (products other than media: electronics, home, beauty, toys, videogames, etc), you can add the following optional columns to your file. Note: it is important that either all 7 optional columns are added to your file or none. You can change the order of the columns, but you need to keep the original headings:

(Amazon Seller Central) Enter you initial price in GBP. This price must be higher than your wished price; e.g. 89
(Amazon Seller Central) order processing delay; the delay cannot exceed 30 days; e.g. enter « 4 » for 4 days dispatch time.
(Amazon Seller Central) Enter the start date of your promotion in the format dd/mm/yyyy (e.g. 10/03/2010). This column needs to be filled in if the columns “inital-price » and « promotion-end-date » contain information.
(Amazon Seller Central) Enter the end date of your promotion in the format dd/mm/yyyy (e.g.15/03/201). This column needs to be filled in if the columns “inital-price » and « promotion-start-date » contain information.
(Amazon Seller Central) accept gift wrapping. Enter Y (in capital letter) if you offer a gift wrap service, leave blank if you don’t offer the gift wrap option.
(Amazon Seller Central) accept gift messages. Enter Y (in capital letter) if you offer gift messages, leave blank if you don’t gift message option.
(Amazon Seller Central) Enter the sale start date if you don’t want your listing to go on sale immediately. Please use the format dd/mm/yyyy (e.g. 15/03/2010)

Click here in order to download an upload file template.

If you encounter any difficulties in formatting or uploading your file, please do not hesitate to contact us