In the tab « Your account » fill in your company details, address, contact details and your Amazon account information.

For Amazon Marketplace sellers

Your Amazon account information is necessary in order to enable Sellermania to calculate your optimum prices and to upload your products automatically to Amazon.

Once you have entered your information, please check that your username is recognized by clicking on the link “Check that you are recognized”. If your username is recognized you will be forwarded to your feedback page on Amazon. If this is not the case you should enter again your Amazon information as without a recognized username Sellermania will not be able to adjust your prices.

For sellers on Amazon Seller Central

You will find the asked information by clicking on « Account Information » in your Amazon seller account.

You find your user name in the field « Business Display Name: »

« Your Merchant Token » can be found on the bottom of the page. It looks like this: M_AISRUIDTOIR_2667964

In order to find the link to your Amazon Storefront you should search one of your Amazon offers and then klick on your seller name.

The URL in the adress field is the URL of your Amazon Storefront.