Sellermania is a complete solution that helps you to manage your activity on Amazon. The range of functions was invented in order to save you a lot of time and to increase your turnover and your margin.

The “Inventory” tab:

– List your new items either one by one or by uploading a file. Import all your Amazon listings to Sellermania.
– Delete items.
– See all details of your listings: the image, the competitiveness of your items…
– See a list of all your listings with your competitors for each product.
– See a statistic of your inventory: your average price and your competitiveness.
– Make your 2 clicks per day: “get your optimum prices” and “upload to Amazon”

The “orders” tab:

– See in (almost) real-time your incoming orders.
– See always the date on which your orders have been dispatched or canceled.
– Send confirmation mails (order confirmation, dispatch confirmation, cancel confirmation) to your customers.
– Print packing slips with your logo and other personal information.
– Send a feedback reminder to all customers that did not give you feedback.

The “Strategy” tab:

– Define a price strategy which Sellermania will use in order to adjust your prices to the prices of your competitors.
– You also have the possibility not to choose any strategy for your prices if you would like to list all your items with the price which you indicated as your top price.

The “Settings” tab:

– Insert your logo.
– Enter all information that you want to appear on your packing slips.
– Personalize your E-Mails.

What is the inventory repricing provided by Sellermania?

Sellermania enables you to adjust your prices to the prices of your competitors. You can choose your price limits for every item: A maximum limit (wished price) and a minimum limit (bottom limit price).
When you click on the green button “Get your optimum prices”, Sellermania scans all prices of your competitors and calculates your optimum price on the basis of your chosen strategy and the defined price limits.
Once the calculation of your prices is finished and you are satisfied with your optimum prices, you should click on the green Amazon button in order to send your send your optimum prices to Amazon.

Important: No changes will be made on Amazon unless you click on the green Amazon button.